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Thanks For Watching

I wanted to put up a quick public post here to thank the folks that are "watching" (i.e., have friended) the community to keep an eye on things, and also let them know why it's been "quiet".

For reasons of privacy of band business, people's schedules, etc., nearly all posts on here will be "Friends Only", which means that only community members can see them. (I can't find a way to make the posts viewable to "friends of the community" but not everyone. Maybe it's possible?) This means that folks who are watching but not members wont be able to see much of what's going on.

It's not necessarily a problem, just wanted to let you know FYI. If you'd just like to read along, please feel free to join the community -- we're certainly not going to assume any obligations upon anyone just for joining. We're happy just to have you in the loop!

If i see a lot of folks just watching, i'll try to jot public updates now and again to let you know what's up, but i wanted to make sure you knew that most of the content is protected.

Thanks again to everyone for the support. Every little bit truly does help, even if only in encouragement during the tragedy-laden hilarious and bloody circus that is independent music. :D

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